For almost 10 years MIXvoip is the fast growing telecom provider of Luxembourg

Written by Alexandre Keilmann on April 27th, 2017

The fact is business telephony is not the same today as it used to be, customers’ demands are more specific. Flexibility, scalability and continuity have to be guaranteed, and fix/mobile convergence is now a powerful tool for everyday business.


Innovative Telecom Provider

MIXvoip is one of the market leaders providing flexible cloud telephony. Offering hosted PBX’s for all type of organizations, either small with a few users to several thousand in geographically dispersed regions. In every case, the telephony will adapt to the needs of the company without any further investment other than just telephone handsets. Scalability is the beauty of cloud telephony: since MIXpbx telephone exchange is virtualized, it can easily be set to the number of users, integrate remote offices or several businesses within the same system.

Pindo application is the perfect partner of fix/mobile convergence. Of course, it is easy to forward incoming calls on a mobile number, but Pindo goes further by using and displaying the landline number for outgoing calls to your clients. In other words, it’s impossible to know if the user is calling from their office, or from their mobile phone, allowing you to keep your mobile phone number private.

Today most of MIXvoip’s customers integrate Pindo in their telephony to ensure a complete convergence of all voice communications.


Internet Provider

Cloud PBX is the safest way to an all VoIP infrastructure, but some prefer to keep their existing physical telephone exchange and telephones while benefiting from affordable VoIP call rates. Either equipped with an ISDN system, or an IP PBX, MIXvoip offers SIP Trunks adapted to the number of simultaneous calls expected. These are the favorite of several IT integrators.

For both MIXpbx and SIP Trunk, MIXvoip can also supply the exact business Internet connection suitable for demanding cloud computing, business telephony or videoconferencing. Either on copper or fibre, MIXvoip Internet will always matched to the customer’s needs, and can be joined with a 24/7 SLA or failover line if required.


Top notch Customer Service

What makes the difference today between telecom providers? MIXvoip believes in a close relationship with our customers, either by chat, by email or by telephone. Our local multilingual support team are here to help you get the best from your system, you can also reach us via Facebook and Twitter or just get the latest service information.


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