FinTech Fight Club – Discover the last 6 boxers


FinTech Fight Club will take place on May 22nd from 16:00 to 18:00 in the FinTech room of ICT Spring to end at best this major global tech conference.

Co-organized between Farvest and the LHoFT (Luxembourg House of Financial Technology), this FinTech Fight Club offers an original end to the FinTech Summit as well as the opportunity to raise funds for two nice charities, The FFL (Fondation Follereau Luxembourg) and l’Ile aux Clowns, selected by the fighters for a greater cause. 



Discover the incredible story behind FinTech Fight Club 2019’s last 6 boxers:

4 - Philip Grother (LBAN – Luxembourg Business Angel Network) vs Christophe Bianco (Excellium Services)

Philip Grother “The Northern Viking” is set to make waves during Fintech Fight Club. The fire-bearded warrior is driven by an insatiable hunger to improve the audacious environment in which he works, connecting innovative companies with savvy investors. Despite a core of compassion in his robust stature, Philip Grother “The Northern Viking” distinguished himself through his courage, his strength, and his willingness, ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory.


Christophe Bianco “The Cyber Hero” is discreet but powerful. A shadow soldier fighting back day after day against cyber attacks, helping his community to take the right decisions in developing, implementing and managing their own security. Thinking ahead, highly trained and hyper-aware, Christophe Bianco “The Cyber Hero” will always keep an eye on the gloves, ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory.


5 – David Foy (Luxinnovation GIE) vs David Furcajg (HighWave Capital)

David Foy "The Digital Destroyer" is fighting for his territory with power, bravery and generosity. Without hesitating to use innovative solutions, he promotes the country close to his heart against all odds to make it shine internationally, boost the business and attract newcomers. David Foy "The Digital Destroyer" is prepared to go all the way, ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory.


"Dark Knight David" Furcajg shakes the Earth and lift the oceans by making high waves and be an avenger. Supported by his behavioral Robo-Advisor friend that never leaves his side, "Dark Knight David" Furcajg accepts one of the greatest psychological and physical tests of his ability to fight injustice. Strategic and fine behavioural analyst, "Dark Knight David" Furcajg is ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory.


6 – Nicolas Sansonnet (PwC Luxembourg) vs Turan Daglayan (Emergent Technology)

Nicolas “The Stallion” Sansonnet rides over investment management and Luxembourg regulatory environment with brio and style. Used to make no compromise, he will give precise punches in the ring. Thanks to his toughness and strength, he will leave no chance to his opponent. Proud and determined, Nicolas Sansonnet aka "The Stallion" is ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory. 


Turan "The Earthquaker" Daglayan has the power to lift and move the ground so you will no longer feel the Earth under your feet. Be distracted for one second and he'll take the advantage. Fearsome, he is however using wisely his powers for a better, more connected and secured world. Fear the calm before the storm, Turan "The Earthquaker" Daglayan is ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory.


To contribute to raise awareness about the FFL and l’Ile aux Clowns’s charities and try to win a pair of boxing gloves - a special edition designed for this year’s FinTech Fight Club - buy some collector bracelets today by contacting or get some on May 22nd during the event (10€/bracelet).

You can also decide to simply make a donation and, if it is the case, we invite you to contribute officially on


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