Explore the startups' village and discover three innovative companies


Since the very beginning, ICT Spring has been a startups-friendly event and offers the participants the opportunity to live a unique experience when exploring its startups’ village and innovative solutions coming from all around the world.  

Here below, three startups confirmed which whom you will be able to meet and share next May 21st and 22nd : Meniga, Perspicace and Ultrain !



The British company Meniga is a software company, provider of online banking solutions. It is one of the first users of Personal Finance Management (PFM) software in Europe. It focuses on the development and sale of proprietary white-label software to financial institutions. This enabling them to personalise their digital customer experience and create new revenue streams from data. Meniga's products and services are split into two main areas: the Digital Banking products and the Marketing Products. The Digital Banking products which include data consolidation and enrichment, personal Finance APIs, Business Finance API's (mostly shared with the Personal Finance API's) and Dialog Engagement Platform. The main focus of the Digial Banking Products are to personalise a bank's digital channels, so that they become the go-to personal, financial advisory for their customers. The Marketing Products comprise of Transaction Driven Marketing - the ability to offer deep discount, cash-back offers to highly targeted segments that are based on their individual spending habits and  Consumer Data Analytics - taking bank's spending pattern data and packaging it for sale to merchants (or supply as a value added service) that provides them with such data as: Demographics, Average Spend, Share of Wallet, shopping location and more.

Web site: https://www.meniga.com/

Perspicace Intelligence Technology was founded in Sept 28, 2016. It is an AI company that based on scenario application, to provide "AI for Good" to human life. Perspicace is a member of Microsoft Venture Accelerator (Shanghai, Batch 3), and also a strategy partner of Microsoft on both AI & IOT category. The company has developed a non-contact human physical sign and behavior awareness sensor that based on wireless and AI Deep-learning technology, which is the only one for commercial use of the world, and the only one that has reached the implementation of miniaturization and low-cost. Thanks to the 5M+ valid data that AI learned, it's accuracy rate can achieve 99.99% in the  particular scenario. Now, Perspicace is providing this technology to Elder Care, Fire Protection, Hospitality and Security industries worldwide, and looking for more scenarios that need to use a device with privacy, safe, and high accuracy. This technology won the innovation awards on CES Asia 2018.        

Web site: http://www.perspicace-china.com/Index/index.html

Ultrain Technology Limited is a public-chain 3.0 provider, a general-purpose tech-infrastructure aiming to be the decentralized amazon cloud+andriod. As of April,15, 2019, Ultrain successfully released its main-net and outperformed its peer such as Dfinity and Algorand in realization. Ultrain’s goal is to be the No.1 commercial public-chain globally, not only providing a state of art technology, but also able to construct a real business ecosystem on top, leveraging it’s powerful R&D capabilities and unrivaled top global business resources provided by it’s founding team.  
Ultrain is founded by former Alibaba data security tech-director, former Ant Financial Blockchain unit tech head, and a well-known senior cross-border M&A banker and growth capital and PE investor. its core team also includes former ChromeOS+Alibaba CloudOS lead architect, ant-financial cryptography key scientist, and IBM GBS senior director. It currently hires more than 40 developers from Alibaba, Ant Financials, Google, Huawei, which provides solid execution support for Ultrain’s mission. Ultrain is committed to construct a responsible and sustainable commercial ecosystem that enables a wide-range of verticals, such as supply chain, media/entertainment, retail, healthcare, advertising, new energy and philanthropy. With its important break-through on consensus(RPOS), it’s own user-friendly smart contract and developer framework, and it’s specialized customizable privacy solutions(zkp), Ultrain is providing to the world an easy to use+efficient solution with huge customization flexibility, and an extremely economical price comparing to other available public chain offerings.

Web site: https://ultrain.io/ 

Discover other startups coming at the event here: https://www.ictspring.com/network/startups/

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