ESkills: The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs: Meet Jack Parsons, CEO of Big Youth Group and Ben Towers, Entrepreneur

Written by Boitcha Laïfa on April 12th, 2018

Today, young entrepreneurs take over the business world and particularly two of them make the difference. Let’s introduce two young men seeing as being part of the next generation: Jack Parsons and Ben Towers.

Jack Parsons, CEO of Big Youth Group, is a model of success in term of entrepreneurship and investment. He works with Buckingham palace on youth and also ambassador for the whole of London under 30. He appears regularly on TV shows. He will take part as guest speaker in the ESkills conference. He will be presenting on May 15th morning. Discover more about him below

In 2015, Jack Parsons founded an online platform named yourfeed in order to connect two millions of young people in UK to job opportunities. He is
In 2018, Jack Parsons launched “Big Youth Group” in collaboration with Paul Frampton. Its mission is to improve young people’s odds and connect them to the world of work in order to help them to get internship, apprenticeship, jobs and so on. In February, the company launched the “Big Youth Accelerator” project in order to help startups founded by people under 30 to write their business plan, their offer sales advice or their marketing support.

Ben Towers, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Investor and TV Personality will take part as guest speaker in the ESkills related conference. He will be presenting on May 15th morning. Ben Towers was named the “smartest kid of the planet” by the British newspaper, The Times. Discover about him below.

Ben Towers is one of ‘the most influential entrepreneurs on the planet’ whilst still only being 19 years old. Ben started in business aged 11 and has since carried out a multi-million-pound merger, keynoted at conferences all across the world, invested in a variety of companies, inspired millions and worked with some exciting brands.

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