ESkills Guest Speaker: Meet Hanns Koehler-Kruener, Managing Vice President for Gartner

Written by Boitcha Laïfa on April 6th, 2018

Hanns Koehler-Kruener, Managing Vice President of Gartner, will take part as guest speaker in the ESkills – related conference. He will be presenting in the Digital Summit, the first half day, on May 15th. Hanns Koehler-Kruener has a deep knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and sees this technology as an added value for employees. He will come to share his views on the importance of digital skills and related leadership within companies. Discover more about him below.

Hanns Koehler-Kruener leads a team of analysts around Content and Insight as part of the Digital Workplace team. With a long background in enterprise content management (ECM) and enterprise search, Mr. Koehler-Kruener is part of the effort to recast and reposition both markets for the future. Content services and insight engines are the result of these effort. Content Collaboration platforms (formerly EFSS) and the digital experience platform (DXP) are markets on the move. He along with his team are ensuring that they are described and mapped to client needs. He helps client to make sense of the continuous change and find the right level of involvement, exposure or positioning with these markets.

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