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Equip & train yourself in cybersecurity!

The topic is key at a time when digital data has become one of the main asset of every company, both necessary in production but also in the value creation. Their protection therefore becomes an absolute priority. Digital Date is the target of hackers and a valuable bargaining chip in the event of a leakage.
At a company level, the data of your customers and employees are governed and protected by regulations (GDPR, CSSF,...). As a CEO or IT Director, you have an important duty of vigilance in protecting this information, which may be of a particularly critical nature depending on your sector of activity. You are and will be attacked, the moment will come when the protection will not be sufficient. It is therefore necessary to delay the deadline and limit the risks and effects as much as possible.


To carry out your mission you should:
1/ know the risks and threats, which are constantly evolving (DDoS, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, Trojan horse, etc.) with hackers using increasingly advanced tools
2/ put in place effective tools and procedures against cyberattacks & acquire the right reflexes, in a context of supervision and actions plan
3/ make all your employees aware because each of them is one of the main intrusion potential
4/ train your IT teams

As an ICT integrator, Telkea Group delivers solutions that are perfectly suited to your cybersecurity needs. We partner with the best technological manufacturers to provide the appropriate solutions accompanied by our services in a constantly changing environment.
You are on the front line, exposed to these risks of cyber-attacks. Training all your team members and employees is highly important. Our Telkea Academy, an accredited training center, provides different IT & Softskills training models available to different profiles. At the end of a training, participants will be able to identify and circumvent cybersecurity threats within their professional (and private!) sphere.
For more information or for a personalized assessment of your risk potential, contact us at info@telkea.com or +352 42 83 83 1