Education Needs A.I to assess Students’ General Cognitive Ability

Written by Robyn Curtius on April 12th, 2018

Romain Martin, Professor of Psychology and Empirical Educational Research at the University of Luxembourg and Head of the Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing (LUCET). He will be guest speaker in the E-Skills conference and participate in the round table, on May 15th morning.

He is currently responsible for numerous research projects developing new computer-aides assessment tools for the field of education and has published many papers in the field of educational measurement and applied cognitive science.

In order to shape more performant leader even the Educational field is seeking for innovation to integrate in the learning process. General Cognitive Ability, so called “Intelligence” is an important tool capable of predicting health, longevity, academic success and also success in the job. Today’s typical intelligence measures tends to lack face validity as every and each profiles are different;

The positive aspect of the General Cognitive Ability with Computer-Based Complex Problem Simulations – COGSIM is that the students will have variables, several once (not 1 or 2 choices like in a basic aptitude test) to solve problem scenario and achieve a goal.

Mr. Martin will address E-skills related topic at the ICT Spring’s Digital Summit with other confirmed speakers including:  Sergio Coronado, Lead Coach, Luxembourg Tech School & Francisco Garcia-Moran, Chief IT Advisor, European Commission.


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