Discover startups active in the Space Industry

Written by Berlingeri Eva on April 25th, 2018

Part 4 – The startups’ village is composed of brand new companies active in FinTech, Digital, AI, UX but also the Space sector. Let’s discover 2 of them with the aim of improving the Space Industry:

Skyward Technologies Group Ltd is the company which engages in researching the aerospace and energy sectors. The company’s activities focus on non-conventional technical decisions in the mentioned areas with its high educated experienced staff and intellectual property. Now Skyward is on the verge of presenting a brand new concept of electrical rocket engine. This conceptual engine is definitely ecological and has enought power and energy for a spacecraft’s starting rocket taking off from Earth!


Andart Global is a bespoke consulting firm with a focus on new technologies, especially outer space. The company provides advice, strategy support and project delivery to governments, industry as well as the financial community. The company records working in global diplomacy, top levels of national government and in the tech industry.

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