Discover Seraphim Capital, a new type of Venture Fund

Written by Boitcha Laïfa on April 20th, 2018

Seraphim Capital is the world’s first Venture Fund focused exclusively on financing the growth of companies operating in the Space ecosystem. Seraphim, which is a specialist investor, has also invested in a fusion of terrestrial technology and space applications. Its CEO, Mark Boggett, will take part in the Space Summit Digital conference, on May 16th afternoon, dedicated to Disruptive technologies in Space. Discover more about him below

Mark Boggett is CEO of Seraphim Capital a London based venture firm. The team manage the recently launched Seraphim Space Fund, a pioneering new fund backed by a range of leading space corporates seeking investments in space related start-ups. He is also director of UK Space Tech Angels and is Chairman of the London Co-investment Fund – one of the most active seed investors in Europe. Prior to Seraphim he was at YFM Equity Partners serving on their main board for a number of years and working on the British Smaller Company VCT 1 and 2. He has a Degree in Accounting & Finance, MA in Economics & Finance from the University of Leeds and a range of professional investment qualifications.

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