Discover Heasy, first robot kiosk for retail and customer services on ICT Spring 2018

Written by Berlingeri Eva on April 24th, 2018

Hease Robotics is a French professional service robot manufacturer, delivering HEASY the robot kiosk dedicated to the retail industry and customer services. Heasy, the first mobile and interactive robot kiosk, replaces the classic information kiosk in public places such as shopping centres, airports, train stations, with 30 times more efficiency!

With 3 years of hands-on experience, their team designed and manufactured a robot with the most natural interaction possible. Its design, size and behaviour enhance its social acceptance by users of all ages and backgrounds. Designed specifically to offer an innovative customer service, Heasy informs, entertains, guides your visitors and accompanies them during their shopping experience.

Hease Robotics is on a journey to reinvent the interactive kiosk using robotic technologies. Heasy, the mobile and interactive kiosk robot, enriches the customer experience and meets the growing digitalization needs of hospitality services in the retail, transportation and tourism industries.

With its design and extensive interaction and mobility capabilities, Heasy intelligently navigates to the best location using state-of-the-art AI algorithms, thus generating 30 times more interactions than a traditional information kiosk.

At ICT Spring, experiment the future of hospitality services and customers experience with Heasy. Interact with the robot kiosk and discover the applications made for your customers (Retail, Tourism, Facility Management use cases), leave with an unforgettable souvenir thanks to the photo booth, and give your opinion about the event with an interactive quiz!

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