Discover Financial Services Innovation with Pascal Bouvier

Written by Boitcha Laïfa on April 20th, 2018

MiddleGame Venture is a venture capital firm which invests exclusively in early stage financial service innovations. The company is more focused on new opportunities and challenges across advanced technologies (Artificial Intelligence, advanced analytics tools, Internet of Things…). MiddleGame Ventures’ Managing Partner, Pascal Bouvier, will take part in the FinTech Summit conference on May 15th afternoon. He will share his point of view through a Fireside Chat about Innovation in Financial Services. Discover more about him below.

Pascal is a fintech venture capital investor. Pascal currently serves as Venture Partner with Santander InnoVentures. He brings years of experience as an operator of businesses and startups across different sizes and stages, an executive with large financial institutions, and an investor in the financial services industry. Prior to entering the VC space, Pascal worked in various commercial, merchant and investment banking roles across both Europe and the US. Pascal is currently raising a new fintech venture fund that will cover Europe and the United States.

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