Discover Cringle, a startup dedicated to financial transactions

Written by Boitcha Laïfa on April 18th, 2018

Cringle is a financial service company which allow its users to make financial transactions by internet and by mobile. The platform offers facilities in sending money. Users do not need to put sensitive data (bank details) but only their phone number. The Cringle’s CEO & Co-Founder, Joschka Friedag, will take part in the FinTech Summit conference on May 16th morning. He will share his point of view on a panel discussion entitled “The return of the wallet?”. Discover more about him below.

Joschka is co-founder and CEO of Cringle, an account-to-account payment network based on SEPA. He is a member at the Steering Committee of the European Payment Council, member of the work group digital payments by BitKom, graduate of Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, graduate of Technical University of Berlin and a former semi-professional poker player.

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