Discover 3 of the startups exhibiting this year at ICT Spring

Hilal Tufan


Since the very beginning, ICT Spring has been a startups-friendly event and offers the participants the opportunity to live a unique experience when exploring its startups’ village and innovative solutions coming from all around the world.  


Here below, three startups confirmed which whom you will be able to meet and share next May 21st and 22nd : Block Continent , BunnyMoney & Pisano .


BlockContinent uses cutting-edge technology to provide blockchain solutions. The company focuses on the development and innovation of blockchain technology, providing system-level consulting services, solutions of blockchain technology, blockchain start up incubation services and blockchain technology education for talents. BlockContinent's solutions cover three important directions: Public Chain, Consortium Chain and Cross-Chain. BlockContient have an innovative public chain consensus mechanism: DPoW (Delegated Proof of Work), which innovatively improves other existing consensus algorithms from the perspective of economic principles, and can achieve efficiency while maintaining market competitiveness.

Web site:


BUNNYMONEY is proposing a mobile application and marketplace that have goal to help people save money, invest money for the future, or just make donations. Individuals just have to connect the mobile app to their bank account to start setting money aside, they can save for their own projects, but also donate to causes . Indeed the smart deposit feature calculates the amount that the customers can save, based on their bank transactions. Alternatively, they can also set regular deposits and progressively build their savings. The money is invested into a Savings account with high-yield interest, and Bunnymonney promotes donation through their "Social Good" marketplace. Customers can donate to causes aligned with issues that concern them most; globally and locally: the marketplace uses geolocation to list associations around them for a maximum impact.

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Pisano is a Turkish company that delivers customer experience solutions for real businesses. For them customer experience is what makes or breaks businesses this is why they want to make it easy to capture feedback, analyse behaviour and engage customers everywhere. Pisano's technology empowers hundreds of brands across the globe to provide exceptional experiences, so that businesses can focus on what really matters: knowing customers better, keeping them longer and selling more to them.



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