Digitalisation continues apace at OneLife

Written by OneLife on April 26th, 2018

After the growth and development of in-house talent that became the defining aspects of 2017, OneLife’s teams have got off to an impressive start in 2018, with innovative projects and exclusive partnerships creating a fresh new impetus.

We caught up with Christophe Regnault, Digital Marketing Manager for the Luxembourg-based life insurance provider, to discuss some of OneLife’s ambitions on the digital front.

“OneLife’s priorities for 2018 have been faithfully carried across into our digital strategy,” asserts Christophe Regnault, Digital Marketing Manager, at the start of our chat. “The latter is all about developing innovative tools and new agile partnerships, and supporting our clients, partners and staff as we move through this exceptional period of transformation.” These priorities, recently reiterated in a statement by OneLife’s CEO, Antonio Corpas, are aimed at speeding up the development of the various markets in which the company is present, whilst continuing to invest strongly in Belgium, a market in which OneLife is the recognised leader.

Returning to the theme of digital DNA, an integral area of focus for OneLife, Christophe Regnault adds: “We started our Digital Journey at the end of 2015, with an ambitious three-year plan based on the digital transformation of our business model and the providing comprehensive training and support to our employees during the transition. Today, it is safe to say that a big piece of the work required to meet our goal has been accomplished. We are forging ahead enthusiastically with the remaining stages, for we are aware that the digital world is constantly evolving and that it is synonymous with success both in a technological and commercial sense – the impact on the ‘bottom line’ – as well as in a human sense.”

 Enhancing the client and partner experience through the use of digital

As far as the technical side is concerned, OneLife is finalising its ‘A to Z of Digital onboarding’ with the introduction of a RegTech solution, the result of its collaboration with KYCTech, the Luxembourg start-up specialising in the areas of KYC and AML. The electronic signature due to be introduced in the next few months will be the next step in this process.

A few weeks ago, a digital sign-up test phase, incorporating electronic signature and providing the opportunity to carry out operations on clients’ life insurance policies, was launched in Belgium.

“Demand in the market is very strong over here. Everyone – from end customers to partners – is looking to make their life easier and to use tools that are derived from the use of a smartphone and/or a tablet”, Christophe Regnault explains.

Digital practices as a means of strengthening OneLife’s commercial activities

Building on the introduction of the e-signature, in January 2017 the life insurer announced a partnership with the French company Advize, a management platform for online savings. “OneLife is therefore the first to launch a Luxembourg product to be distributed in the French market via a channel that is 100% digital. The business model used by Advize makes it possible to arrange distribution via other partners, by making available a tool that is fully integrated and is also linked to operators with specialist knowledge,” the Digital Marketing Manager explains. Right from the outset, a variety of configurations will be available and as for the fund selection stage, this is carried out in conjunction with a robo-advisor.

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