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Written by on May 4th, 2016

Deloitte Luxembourg is putting digital strategy, transformation, and disruption on the top of the agenda, joining the wider network of Deloitte Digital member firms. As digital disruption is changing the entire business environment in Luxembourg and beyond, Deloitte Digital helps companies put the customer experience at the heart of their strategy, by designing user-friendly and successful interactions through multiple channels. 


“More and more organizations realize that they need to create an excellent customer experience in order to drive new value. Business leaders should question their strategy, modify their organization, and revolutionize their business model to keep their position in the market,” explains Pascal Martino, Partner and Deloitte Digital Luxembourg Leader.


Spotlight on financial services

As thoroughly described in the World Economic Forum report The Future of Financial Services, disruptive innovations are currently reshaping the way financial services are structured, provisioned, and consumed. Luxembourg is likely to be particularly affected by these changes due to the importance of the financial sector in the overall economy.

“Deloitte Digital Luxembourg helps financial players understand the needs and behaviors of their customers and improve the customer experience through a sound digital strategy and implementation. The digital revolution will bring an array of new challenges and opportunities to the financial services industry. Launching Deloitte Digital is a perfect way to combine our digital and creative skills with the financial services expertise we have built up over the years,” concludes Pascal Martino.


The Deloitte Digital standard offering focuses on the area of Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing, Digital Operation, Analytics, and Cybersecurity.


Spotlight on Fintech & disruptive solutions

On top of the standard Deloitte Digital offering, Deloitte Digital Luxembourg also focuses on disruptive Fintech topics such as Blockchain, Regulatory Technologies, Roboadvisory, Digital Identity, Internet-of-Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Robo Process Automation. Our approach is to facilitate our clients’ innovation journeys from inspiration to implementation, enabling them to navigate the Fintech ecosystem—an environment where we have a solid footprint. We also help them integrate Fintech solutions that match their needs and ambitions. Through innovation workshops, immersion labs, hackathons, bootcamps, technology scouting, venturing, acceleration programs, piloting, and integration, we help our clients better understand the trends and innovations affecting the industry as well as help them to create new business models based on disruptive technologies. Deloitte Luxembourg is also one the founding members of the Grid, Deloitte’s EMEA Fintech taskforce, which enable us to harness the best-in-class resources and capabilities available within the Deloitte network to deliver state-of-the-art disruptive solutions for our clients.


Rubix, our Blockchain as a service solution

Rubix provides solutions for clients to prototype, test, and build customized Blockchain and smart contract applications for any use case. Rubix’s customized Blockchain architecture is designed to be a fully functional private network that can be adapted and administered for an organization’s needs. Rubix Blockchains have a variety of powerful and customizable features that are meant to be used in enterprise environments. It bridges the gap between the exponentially innovative nature of Blockchain technology and the complexity of existing enterprise system environments. Rubix is developed with close ties to the Ethereum Foundation, leveraging the open source Ethereum protocol, which adds enterprise-centric functionality. Our engineering team actively contributes to the open source Ethereum project, and is part of the core development team.


Launching our first Blockchain Proof of Concept

During the ICT Spring, we will present our new Blockchain proof-of-concept for the first time—a solution allowing ownership of works of art to be tracked on the Ethereum platform. The solution has been developed by our Blockchain developers in our Deloitte Digital Luxembourg studio. Come and talk to us during the event to discover the solution and we will be happy to share our lessons learned and discuss on how to start prototyping and building Blockchain proof-of-concepts!


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