Debate on Crypto assets next May 22nd

Marc P. Bernegger, Bernadette Leuzinger , Joram Voelklein , David Fauchier and Alexander Tkachenko will gather to advance industry knowledge around the use of crypto assets and how blockchain can or could benefit the funds industry. Whether you are active in asset, funds, wealth management or private banking, do not miss your chance to share their expertise and join the debate on May 22nd afternoon in the FinTech Summit.   


More about these great speakers below.


Marc P. Bernegger is a Swiss-based serial web-, FinTech- and crypto-entrepreneur. Since 2010 he is active as a FinTech and crypto investor. He began his career by founding a party-platform when he was 20 , Marc P.Bernegger is also a co-founder of Amiando, a ticketing –platform which was bought by Xing Events and has been awarded by the World Economic Forum as “WEF Global Technology Pioneer”. In 2012 he bought his first bitcoin and is fascinated by the opportunities of this new asset class. He also was awarded as “100 most successful people under 40 in Switzerland” by BILANZ in 2015 . Marc is in the advisory board of FinLeap, co-founder of Crypto Finance Conference and among others board member of Crypto Finance Group and Falcon Private Bank.


Bernadette Leuzinger is the COO of Crypto Fund AG. She joined the company shortly after its creation and she has a contributed significantly to the company’s business and regulatory development. Her involvement has been invaluable to the establishment of the funds, and she has been a catalyst in the company’s recent attainment of the first asset management license granted to a cryptocurrency company. Prior joining Crypto Fund AG, Bernadette worked in various banking, IT, insurance positions. Indeed she has held various roles in global corporations such as Credit Suisse and IBM; her experience in one of the world’s largest banks and one of the most successful IT companies has contributed greatly to her involvement in block chain technology, combining expertise in both financial and technological aspects of the nascent industry.


Joram Voelklein is one of the co-founder of Cryptology Asset Group. He is an investment banker based in Munich, he also was involved early in the new space- aerospace- sector as well as in the field of big data technology. As a member of the advisory board of Cryptology Asset Group he currently spends most of his time on block chain- and crypto asset related business models.


Alexander Tkachenko is a serial entrepreneur and business angel. He is a founder and GP of VC fund with successful investments in 16 companies in the sharing economy, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. In 2017 he launched VNX Exchange, which is a digital asset marketplace for venture capital investments. Alexander is also a founder of family office Ziffer. Alexander is a member of E100, a London Business School angel investor network,  but also a former journalist.


David Fauchier is the Chief executive Officer and CIO of Cambrial Capital which is an institutional-grade ‘fund of funds’ strategy focussed exclusively on the digital asset space. Since 2013, he has been researching and investing in the crypto space.

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