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Data Natives 2022



It is a fact that the data ecosystem has been growing exponentially during the last years. More companies, experts, tools and much more content appear on a daily basis. For that reason, it is essential to be up to date with the different data contexts and to expand our knowledge constantly and nurturing yourself with different points of view.

For more than half a decade, Data Natives has been forging data science networks around the globe – spanning local grassroots Meetups to international conferences with more than 2,000 attendees. Each year, they host events in 50 key tech capitals for their global data community, with more than 183,000 members, bringing together the smartest in data, tech, and entrepreneurship. Whether you are a seasoned machine learning practitioner or just curious about the tech sphere, joining their community will empower you to be a part of the data-driven future.

And for this year, Europe’s biggest Data & AI event is back in real life. Data Natives 2022 consists of a 3-days conference that will take place from the 31st of August to the 2nd of September in Berlin, or online. In the first and second day, the key stages will be Dataconomy, Data Science, Startups, and Future Society with data, AI, ML, etc. topics being treated.  Finally, our third day will be completely dedicated to the future of data, where topics such as Blockchain and Web 3 will be discussed in deep.

How it could not be otherwise, an event of Data Natives scale has to count with the best inspiring companies and professionals in the data sector, such as Flynn Coleman (Human Right Advocate, Author, Fellow at Harvard and Yale), Maren Lesche (Founder at Applied Data Incubator) or Kenza Ait Si Abbou (Director Client Engineering DATCH at IBM), between many others. Go check their agenda to find out all their star guests. (Data Natives – Agenda)

Data Natives gives us the unique opportunity not only of getting to know all these experts and expanding our knowledge, but also to do networking in a professional environment. The huge Data Natives Community all together in a three-day event full of knowledge and interesting people to meet or have a beer with. Professionals and companies with the same interests ready to interact and share experiences or projects. Do not stay out of the game!

Data Natives is furthermore than an event, it is an opportunity. Now you have the decision in your hands, take the chance.

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