Creativity, customer experience and strategies discussed at ICT Spring

Written by Margaux Dubois on May 30th, 2016

Marketers constantly need to innovate, recreate and sometimes even reinvent the game. They are facing more and more challenges in the ever-changing landscape of marketing and communication. During the “Best Brand Strategies” conference, international experts exchanged about creativity, customer experience, and strategies.


The Best Brand Strategies conference started with a few words pronounced by the moderator, John Horsley, Director, Digital Doughnut – Global Digital Marketing Community.

Philip Thomas, CEO Cannes Lions, gave a presentation entitled “Creativity Matters”. After having introduced his yearly festival to the audience, he explained how winning a Lions Award may impact a brand and how the marketing industry changed in the last ten years  “Marketing people want effective marketing, which helps sell. But now, most of them also want creativity. Because creativity brings an extra element to effectiveness onto what they do”. Creativity is a hard concept to define as it means something different to everybody, and the most important thing for brands is to think about it differently every year: “now, everything is about disruption, culture and product. Technology and consumer behaviour are changing. To stay creative, you always have to think a different way, modern ways”.

“How to leverage data thinking to help our clients accelerate their marketing transformation” is the title of Pierre Robinet’s presentation. The Global Digital Director of Publicis explained that “many clients are still afraid of data” but that data are also “the best way to reinvent marketing and advertising”. As most of us are now using social media, one of the best ways for a brand to collect our data is “to engage us through stories and relevant content that we want to share”. Nevertheless, Pierre Robinet keeps thinking that brands cannot success without creativity: “if you don’t engage properly with emotions, you’ll lose the consumers at the end”.

During her presentation (“Stop thinking about Marketing, start acting like a Customer”), Anne-Marie Castonguay, VP Performance and Data Management, Partner, Sid Lee Media, shared the history and statistics about customer experience before pointing give advice to brands who want to use context to enhance customer experience should do: “they have to listen, observe, and ask for feedback. They also should always adapt their content to their audience, personalize everything from advertising and mails to their products. And they should have a great attitude, they have to embrace key values”.

Thierry Lopez, Marketing & Corporate Affairs Manager Quebec for Best Buy Canada, gave a presentation entitled “Think Global, execute local”. After an introduction concerning his company, he explained a part of Best Buy’s strategy: “That’s a global strategy with a local and personalized approach. There are differences in the market, such as culture or language. This is why we added some local flavour, some local strategies to this global thinking”. Thierry Lopez highlighted four principles that his company follows to respect this strategy. One of them is “Be relevant to your market: when you are in a country where there are different languages, take enough time and pay attention to what you write or translate on packages. Because if you make a mistake, if you use a wrong word, it shows you can’t respect your costumers”.

Jelena Djokovic is known for being the wife of a famous tennis player, but she’s also the National Director for the Novak Djokovic Foundation. During her speech, “Celebrity endorsement for charity”, she underlined that foundations still need celebrities as ambassadors: “today, thanks to the digital revolution, we can all become celebrities. Through our blogs, social media, websites, we all have the power of voice. But this is the same as it was 60 years ago, we still need celebrities. It is necessary and important because celebrities attract attention, they can point the world’s eyes on problems that are significant and that they speak about with passion. They can also have access to people who have the power to make things change”.


To end this conference, a chat session gathered Anne-Marie Castonguay and Pierre Robinet. Together, with John Horsley acting as a moderator, they highlighted the differences between their companies and discussed about trends in terms of requests from their clients and the metrics they are looking at.

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