Chris Lewicki & the opportunities offered by Asteroids

Written by Alexandre Keilmann on May 3rd, 2017

 Through his speech entitled « Asteroids: The Compelling Opportunity », Chris Lewicki, President & CEO of Planetary Resources, will share his vision on May 9th and 10th during the 2nd edition of Space Forum. Do not miss his presentation and register now: 


How do you manage to control asteroids and to avoid strikes?

We will extract materials from asteroids in their natural orbit, not in the Earth-Moon system.


In what way do asteroids represent the resource of the future?

We’re at the beginning of the 21st century gold rush. Manned space missions will require resources and asteroids will serve as the mines of the final frontier. Water extracted from asteroids will not only support human life, but can be split into hydrogen and oxygen for rocket fuel. Planetary Resources will enable the further exploration of space.


How do you see your sector in 10 years with all these developments in term of technology?

We’re well on our way to launching the first commercial prospecting mission by 2020 and making asteroid mining a reality within the next 10 years. Our next launch of the Arkyd 6 will validate our asteroid prospecting technologies, including avionics, control systems and software.


How did you first get in touch with Luxembourg and its government? Were you surprised when you first heard about the countries space resources initiatives?

The Government of Luxembourg has long been at the forefront of the commercial satellite industry. With the initiative, Luxembourg will continue its lead in commercial space operations and we are honored to be working them to further develop the space resources industry.

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