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Building IT Teams at Scale Affordably

Dell Technologies CEO Michael S. Dell once said, "Technology now allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world, from almost any device. This is dramatically changing the way people work, facilitating 24/7 collaboration with colleagues who are dispersed across time zones, countries, and continents."

Technology has certainly made recruitment and staffing a global undertaking. However, many companies lose opportunities to get the best people for a role by limiting their thinking in terms of geography and work arrangements. With remote work gaining popularity with many employers, it is time to think about the benefits of outstaffing.

Global IT Support (GISUA) is a Dutch-Ukrainian outstaffing company that has been in operation since 2003. It specializes in building IT teams of any size at affordable rates anywhere in the world.

What makes it different from its competitors? It has a lot to do with the mindset of its founder and CEO Edwin Zuijdendorp for simple, straightforward solutions to staffing problems. GISUA is highly customer-centric, and that applies to both its clients and network of qualified professionals.

Let us look at the benefits of working with GISUA.

GISUA business model explained

The main goal of any staffing agency is to recruit talent for clients. The people they find are the product. However, the unique business model it uses sets GISUA apart from other agencies to the benefit of its clients. Here are the elements of that model.

Remote work

GISUA is a remote staffing agency operating in Ukraine, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and Indonesia. This means the IT talent they find stays in these locations, working as remote employees for clients anywhere in the world. What are the advantages of this arrangement?

First of all, supply. IT professionals are in short supply in many countries but not as much in Ukraine or the Philippines. GISUA is able to find people that clients might not be able to get locally.

Second of all, affordability. GISUA can provide qualified IT and other personnel at rates that compare favorably to the US and UK, for instance. Clients get the people they need at a reasonable price. In addition, they can save on the overhead costs associated with maintaining an office.

Last but not least, minimal management time. Since team members work in GISUA offices, GISUA handles employee administrative tasks for the client. The extent of this service will depend on the contract but ranges from time monitoring to payroll processing. Clients can thus concentrate on managing the work and leave everything else to GISUA.


While Global IT Support does specialize in fielding IT talent to companies, there is no limit to its staffing capacity. GISUA can accommodate a client whether they need one software developer or 100 support specialists.

Open calculation model

Global IT Support operates in the context of a commodity market. The CEO uses the example of butter, explaining, “You go to the shop to buy butter. How do you know if one brand of butter is better than another brand? As a consumer, you make choices based on certain assumptions. Perhaps your choice is based on price. If it is within a certain price range, you will buy it.”

GISUA uses these principles in its pricing model. It calculates its prices based on its unique value proposition of efficient recruitment process and extensive support system while ensuring it is within the price range of most small and medium-sized businesses.

ICT management

Many employers have no experience with remote teams and worry about making it work. Integrating and managing remote teams into the workflow can be quite complicated. GISUA understands this, which is why it has such strong roots in information and communication technology (ICT).

ICT is the backbone of any business. GISUA follows standardized ICT management processes to ensure clients have a clear path to work with remote teams. They include planning and design, deployment, operations, and technical support. 

Value proposition

GISUA uses this business model to promote and support its value system. Among these are:

Long-term relationships

The basis for the sustainability of any business is trust. The focus is complete transparency when it comes to managing client expectations.

“Back in the day, every employment agency had its own database, and the quality of that database determined an agency’s capacity to find the best people,” the CEO points out. “Now, LinkedIn owns the biggest database in the world, and anybody can buy access to it. It has leveled the playing field.”

The fact that the database is now in the public domain only emphasizes the quality of the service GISUA provides its clients. This motivates them to stay once they have built a team because it makes financial sense to do so. 

Strong quality assurance and communication

GISUA’s core values center around inclusivity and passion, professional development, continuous improvement, and open and direct communications. Its ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates that the processes keep cultural objectives and quality at the highest possible level.

Edwin says, “When we talk about communication, we really want to help our clients to make it work. Therefore, we have a support team focused on communication between the client and service provider.”

GISUA offers project coordination services for the first two months of a contract. This is to see if the project is going as expected, and the personnel are performing their tasks to the client’s satisfaction.

Positive company culture

Global IT Support functions as employee administrators and takes on the responsibility of keeping the workers engaged and happy. To that end, it promotes a positive company culture of inclusion and fun.

The company initiates events and activities, from the purely informative (taxation, insurance coverage) to purely entertaining (bike rides, virtual dance workshops). Remote workers do not feel isolated, so they enjoy their work and stay with the company.

 “Fun is an important thing in the company. I need to make it interesting for you and you need to have fun in your work. If you like the company, you will be more productive. It gives staff members a positive feeling in general. That's my goal.”

Strong European flat management

GISUA has European management in all four of its remote locations. More importantly, however, it has a flat management structure.

“I like to involve people and empower them,” says Edwin. “That sounds generous, but the simple reason is I cannot do it all alone. If I have to control my staff on a day-to-day basis, I lose my scalability. I let them own the work and manage their environment and resources, so they have the power to make their own decisions. In my strong belief this is how we can grow the company.”


Global IT Support is a remote staffing agency with all the crucial elements for success in one package. This is due mostly to the unconventional and customer-centric attitudes of its founder and CEO. However, his basic philosophy is quite simple.

“You cannot do all the work yourself. You need to have help and support. That is what we do for our clients as well as for our staff. It works beautifully.”