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“Be the change you want to see”


This year, the organizer has decided to adopt a more sustainable approach for its iconic event by reshaping its visual identity and working to obtain the Green Business events label. As this year’s edition is entitled “Time for change”, this is a step to onboard visitors and exhibitors in a more responsible approach to offering events. 

The new logo is in full transparency with a hexagonal shape at the center. Hexagons are everywhere, being in honeycombs, soils marked by drought, cooled lava flows, and even snowflakes; all comes back to nature. Taking the example of bees, they build hives with alveolus respecting a certain logic. Alveoli, under their hexagonal shape with a small perimeter, are ideal to not only save bees’ energy, but also to optimize wax use. Nature is well-made, and all lies in details and know-how. 

It is actually about building a relevant structure, organizing teamwork, while favoring cohesion to achieve performance and efficiency in feeding the hive. 

In 2011, Jérémy Rifkin released a book about the ‘Third Industrial Revolution’, a strategic vision presented as the only solution to a structural economic crisis, climate and energy challenges. This book marked the start of multiple discussions around ESG concerns and the impact of businesses on our planet. A few years ago, the circular economy was therefore in everyone's mouth. 

The circular economy model is inspired by nature’s own ecosystem, resilience and longevity. Waste does not exist in nature. 

Considering this, companies are confronted with new challenges in terms of strategic positioning, as they need to focus on both innovation and sustainability. And this has become even more topical after a crisis such as the Covid-19.

At a time when digital transformation has become a must - regardless of the sector - to optimize processes, security, and boost innovation; it is of utmost importance to combine it with sustainable transformation. This explains that each industry, although different on paper, are tending towards a more resilient and responsible approach, so as to participate in creating a sustainable future. 

And this is what lies at the heart of ICT Spring, the place where business innovation makes a difference. A difference to positively impact society and the working world, making them more inclusive, more sustainable. This year’s edition, entitled “Time For Change”, will gather seasoned experts on stage to address these challenges ahead. 

As a melting pot of expertise - giving prominence to the international flourishing business ecosystem - ICT Spring aims then at highlighting the ever-growing digital world, and how it will redesign businesses, work culture, and life, in the upcoming years. 

On top of having obtained the Greater Region label, ICT Spring also aspires to embrace a greener approach, relying on sustainable initiatives (no carpet for booths, responsible furnishing and lighting, promotion of public transport, limiting garbage…). While the event has always thrived to favor inclusivity and diversity, ICT Spring’s organizers now make it a point of honor to comply at best with environmental and social requirements. 

In parallel, Luxembourg recently launched a Green Business Events label which acknowledges the organizers’ efforts in turning sustainable. In this context, ICT Spring aspires to be part of this new event generation.

A famous sentence says “be the change you want to see”, and it starts next June 29 and 30 at LuxExpo The Box.