AI, blockchains, robotics… The major technological trends in training


Committed to continuous improvement, ORSYS has created new training courses to encompass today’s major technological trends, from Artificial Intelligence to virtual reality.

It seems that innovations also obey Moore’s law. One of the features of the ongoing digital revolution is that technologies are being renewed at an ever faster rate, with one concept following fast on the heels of another. And at ORSYS we are going with the flow. Updated every year, each new edition of our printed catalogue includes around 150 new tutorials.

But even this catalogue is like a snapshot of technology at a given moment - in reality, our services are continuously evolving and being enhanced. Our dedicated team has its fingers constantly on the pulse of the latest trends in the IT domain and is assisted by regular feedback from trainers and sales staff on the ground. ‘We gather and cross-reference this data to ascertain market expectations’, explains Jean-Emmanuel Roux, who is in charge of digital technology training within the Operations Department.



AI at the heart of the major trends

Founded on this research, we have expanded the services we offer in several domains, not least in Artificial Intelligence, which has been making the headlines in the news as well as in the specialist press. ‘AI is a cross-cutting subject encompassing several domains that until now we’d approached separately in terms of development, algorithms or infrastructure’, says Jean-Emmanuel Roux.

The buzzword Artificial Intelligence also encompasses sub-themes like Machine LearningDeep Learning and neural networks that are best treated independently. Others areas to be covered are the resulting applications, such as cognitive services (language processing, voice recognition, etc.) and applications of the chatbots type. These chatbots respond to simple requests in voice or text mode and have obvious applications in customer relations.

You can also look forward to state-of-the-art seminars for decision-makers which will cover every aspect of AI. These decision-makers will then arrange more operationally orientated training for their teams. ‘The developer and the project manager will learn how to use algorithms and to introduce decision-making systems to automate certain processes. ‘  

ORSYS also covers the services offered by the major Cloud platforms such as the Microsoft platform. The dedicated Azure ML service offers predefined algorithm libraries for mass data processing.

Robotics, a multi-disciplinary domain

Another developing domain is robotics. This branch encompasses skills relating to IT, electronics, the Internet of things and, once again, Artificial Intelligence. ‘People need to master programming languages, infrastructure, communication protocols and data processing so that they can then design applications for handling the data. ‘

Practical seminars and courses will be developed in this domain. Tutorials on Raspberry Pi and Arduino single-board computers and microcontrollers to help develop new products (domotics, media players, robotics, connected devices, etc.) are already available.

The blockchain is another central trend which extends well beyond its use in processing Bitcoin transactions. This technology for storing and distributing unalterable information can, for example, be used by solicitors to manage and trace transactions such as property deeds.

The blockchain can also be used to execute contracts while taking into account external events (smart contracts). ‘For instance, a farmer will automatically receive compensation if it does not rain for 30 days in accordance with their index-based insurance contract’, says Jean-Emmanuel Roux by way of illustration. ‘The same goes for the reimbursement of a plane ticket if the plane is delayed by a certain amount of time.’ ORSYS has been offering seminars on blockchains since 2017, but we will be offering supplementary practical courses and (one tutorial is already available).

A webinar to raise awareness on cybersecurity

Another new service in the cybersecurity domain is an innovative webinar format. This consists of 4 one-hour modules aimed at a wide audience to raise awareness of the daily risks associated with digital tools and usages.  

As for our Cloud Computing services, training on the public Cloud platforms Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform is already available. And coming soon: tutorials on the concept of ‘serverless’ architecture which enables developers to concentrate on their coding, leaving the management of the underlying infrastructure to the provider.

And lastly, to help with the transformation of organisations, we are developing training on SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), the application that introduces agile practices into the management of major company projects. ‘The target audience is no longer the developers but the core operations teams. We are receiving more and more requests for training on this approach from large accounts, complete with requests for certification’, explains Jean-Emmanuel Roux.

As there are over 160 international certifications pertaining to areas such as project management, security, Cloud Computing and DevOps, ORSYS has significantly expanded its range of services to cater effectively to its clients’ needs.  


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