4 Reasons Why You Need A Construction App

4 Reasons Why You Need A Construction App


Among all sectors, the construction sector is one of the least digitalized. And yet, one which can benefit a lot from digitalization. Mobile Construction Apps have already proved their usefulness. It has revolutionized the way we build. Thanks to Building Information Modeling (BIM) or even Augmented Reality, that has made it particularly easy for construction professionals to manage their projects effectively. In this article, we have listed the benefits of the use of a Construction App in the field.

  1. Construction App brings Perfect Documentation to the site


Before Construction Apps existed and started expanding more and more in the sector, companies would use paper plans and forms. Here are few numbers about paper forms:


– Per employee, the average cost is about 80$,

– It takes an average of 18 minutes to find a paper document,

– 70% of businesses would fail in 3 weeks if they, unfortunately, experienced a loss of paper due to fire or flood.


Source for the numbers: https://www.constructionbusinessowner.com/technology/6-ways-go-mobile


We can already assume how inefficient paper can be on the construction site. To this, we can add the fact that half of the workers have access to digital devices such as smartphones. This means the absolute possibility for them to have full access to digital information directly on their phone, everywhere.


In addition to the figures mentioned before, we can recall that paperwork can induce errors, can be hard to read, and lost easily. On the construction site, it is very important to have the right information, all the time, to avoid mistakes and rework. All problems can be solved with one app that allows everyone to access the same information, anytime, anywhere.


What can you do with Construction Apps? Available on mobile or tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android), it is possible to take photos, record voice messages, and videos and send them to the right department to let them know of any information.


Here an example with a short video of PORR using the Construction App, GAMMA AR.


  1. Easy Building Handover with Construction App


Building Handover is a crucial step in the completion of a building. The handover documentation creates clarity for all parties and confirms finished work as well as work that still needs to be concluded. The handover documents represent a legal foundation for any conflicts arising about alleged construction defects and as such require the utmost diligence and precision.


A well-done handover creates transparency and fends of unfounded claims, aiding builders, contractors, architects, structural, and MEP / HVAC engineers.


By using Augmented Reality on building sites, the workers on the field can intuitively compare the 3D BIM planning and the actual construction to track progress and identify deviations. Precise building-component-based documentation is created.


Construction Apps help to deliver the handover documentation in unparalleled detail and speed. Information collected on the site can be integrated into the BIM models to have a truly BIM-based handover.


An important feature for the Handover is that the information is securely archived and protected from tampering.


For example, with our software. Once information is saved inside GAMMA AR, the system will safely track and store any changes on the information, making it impossible to “cheat”. GAMMA AR supports open BIM methods and allows for all information to be exported as BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) helping organizations to access the data from GAMMA AR in other issue management systems.

  1. Construction Apps make Communication Easy


Construction Apps help to get better communication and coordination between all the stakeholders of the project. All the information entered on the Construction App is automatically updated and shared with all the right departments. It allows getting the field and the office aware of every information, at every time. And thus, the Office team does not have to wait anymore for the reports of the field to come back by e-mail or paper. A lot of time is saved with instant information shared.

  1. Saving Money and Prevent Errors with Construction App


Bringing your construction plans and projects directly to the field helps you to save time and money. Construction App allows you, as we have seen before, to bring all the information with you, and thus, reduce the potential mistakes and rework that paperwork causes. These errors can cost a lot of money.


For example, with this problem below, 14 core drillings cost 2800€. The Construction App, GAMMA AR, could have helped to avoid this. It means time and money are saved.

Figure 1 Example of a usual problem happening on the construction site using paper plans

Figure 2 Example of the same problem and how GAMMA AR prevents it before it is built






GAMMA AR is a Construction App that brings BIM models intuitively to the construction site using Augmented Reality. It helps BIM Managers, Construction Site Managers, and other stakeholders to prevent errors and facilitate communication between the field and the office.


If you have any questions or need support, send us an email at info@gamma-ar.com


If you have not tried GAMMA AR yet, start your free trial now. The application is available on iOS and on Android




Laura Bocchibianchi

Head of Marketing & Communications


Laura is the Head of Marketing & Communications of GAMMA AR. You can find her on LinkedIn and contact her at laura.bocchibianchi@gamma-ar.com

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