ICT Spring 2021 - Digital Summit - Reconciling Tech & Education

Advancing knowledge around latest tech trends and how it helps people access to better education.

Speakers include: Sergio Coronado, Luxembourg Tech School (LTS) ASBL Christopher Davey, Senior Director, Solutions Architecture, WSO2 Chris Redlitz, Managing Partner, Transmedia Capital & co-founder, The Last Mile (TLM) Beverly Parenti, Serial entrepreneur & Co-founder, The Last Mile (TLM) Cheryl Miller Van Dÿck, Founding Director, Digital Leadership Institute & one of Europe’s 100 digital champions Priscila Chaves, Tech Ethicist & Impact Entrepreneur Avanti Sharma, Pre-Teen Technology Specialist, Workshop4Me Carlo Thelen, Director General, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg Prime Minister, Minister of State; Minister for Communications and Media; Minister for Religious Affairs; Minister for Digitalisation ; Minister for Administrative Reform Nicolas Brien, Chairman of the Management Board, EuraTechnologies Sunaina Aytan, Senior Cyber Security Specialist, a STEMettes Ambassador, mentor and an advocate for inclusion and diversity in Tech. Aida Nazarikhorram, Co-founder and CMO, LuxAI