Designing smart object with Simone Tertoolen

MINOIS has the mission to empower women in their daily busy lives. They believe a bag should not only look and feel beautiful, but it should work like magic. Opening the bag and finding what you need should be quick and enjoyable. A bag is actually the ultimate wearable. We bring it every time and everywhere. It should be flexible to match our busy lives: walking; cycling; just moving around. And like true wearable, it should be smart and be prepared for situations that happen in a busy life, like an empty phone.

Designer and founder Simone Tertoolen learned the design profession in Paris (Ecole Nationale Supérieure) and in Delft (Netherlands). About her time in Paris Simone says: “In Paris I learned that great designs are without compromises. If you pursue quality, each detail needs to match your design intent. As a result I’m obsessive about all details, driving our Italian craftsmen nuts every now and then… with result! Together we built over a hundred prototypes to finally design the bag that looks beautiful and feels like magic.”