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ICT Spring 2023: turn greener to get better

As climate change intensifies and spreads worldwide, ICT Spring’s organizers strive to inspire leaders to green their mindset, and to drive inclusive and sustainable goals for a better future. ICT Spring hence aspires to embrace a greener approach, respecting more sustainable initiatives. While the event has always thrived to favor inclusivity and diversity, organizers now make it a point of honor to comply at best with environmental and social requirements. 

As Luxembourg recently launched a Green Business Events logo - which acknowledges the organizers’ efforts in turning sustainable - ICT Spring is willing to take part in this new event generation.

This year’s ICT Spring edition, entitled “Time for Change”, is a step forward to onboard visitors and exhibitors in a more responsible and sustainable approach to offering events, and eventually to encourage them in applying these practices to their own businesses. 


Time for more diversity

As you may already know, ICT Spring welcomes an audience from all over the world, joining to take action so as to highlight and increase diversity and equality in the various business industries and beyond. Something that the conference’s organizers have always pointed to, notably in terms of speakers just like attendees. The organizers have always made a conscious effort to ensure that ICT Spring represents a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds, including a more balanced gender representation. They reach out to various profiles and make a concerted effort to ensure that all voices are heard. This helps demonstrate that diversity can lead to better outcomes, and serves as an example to follow.


Time for better communication 

Both organizers and exhibitors can take a number of steps to reduce their environmental impact. In this sense, organizers are committed to working closely with all ICT Spring actors to improve their processes and eventually reduce their environmental impact. Together with them, organizers aim to raise awareness to reduce the use of plastic, the use of non-recyclable and disposable items, and more. These actions not only help to reduce the environmental impact of the event itself, but they also serve as a model for attendees and other organizations. By demonstrating that it is possible to hold successful events while minimizing harm to the planet, organizers and exhibitors can encourage others to adopt similar practices - through a knock-on effect. By taking responsibility for their impact on the environment, organizers and exhibitors can play a vital role in inspiring positive change.


Time for more sustainable partnerships

Organizers are proud to announce that their main event partners are committed to sustainability and have adopted eco-responsible, zero waste, and local practices. The venue, hotel, caterer, and technical, furniture and decor providers, have demonstrated a strong commitment to reducing their environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. All implemented in Luxembourg, LuxExpo The Box (venue), LuxVisual (furniture and decoration provider), or Apex and FreeLens (technical providers), and Meliá Luxembourg (hotel) - which also benefits from the Eco Label - respect ESG engagements. These engagements and labels serve as a testament to the high standards of sustainability and environmental responsibility upheld by our partners. This way, the event’s organizers are hopeful that ICT Spring can be an example of how sustainability and business can go hand in hand.


Time for better accessibility

In terms of accessibility, the event location (Luxexpo The Box) was carefully chosen to ensure that everyone could easily access it, regardless of any mobility limitations they may have. Situated in the Kirchberg district, Luxexpo The Box is served by tram and buses - which are free of charge. It is also easily accessible by bike, and is near to the Findel airport - also well-served. On top of encouraging springers to adopt sustainable transport, the event’s organizers make it a point of honor to prioritize accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Through the selection of this event location, organizers are willing to make sure that every aspect of the event is accessible to everyone, from the entrance and parking facilities to the seating areas and restroom facilities. This commitment to accessibility reflects the organizers’ commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.