• Thank you ICT for inspiring innovators all over the world to exchange ideas to cultivate technologies to improve people’s lives.  It was an honor to attend and speak at this year’s conference and  thank you for supporting the XPRIZE and our team’s competing in the Google Lunar XPRIZE. They thoroughly enjoyed their time and the conference attendees interaction
    Chanda Gonzales, Google Lunar XPRIZE
  • Going to ICT Spring is like visiting the future. It's a gathering of amazing minds and ideas. I was deeply impressed!
    Baldwin Berges, BD-Insider
  • ICT Spring 2016 was a great conference. I truly enjoyed the high diversity of speakers and participants - a great opportunity for networking and inspiration.
    Christian Tidona, BioMedX
  • ICT Spring remains the IT event of the year, the place to be to meet all tech and fintech stakeholders. If you missed it, you must definitely come next year!
    François Masquelier, Chairman of ATEL
  • One more year, the ICT Spring has been an amazing event, strengthening Luxembourg positioning as a Tech hub
    Philippe Gelis, Kantox
  • It was a great event to meet with space industry and regulators from across the world, making it possible to compare issues and find good solutions.
    Tony Azzarelli, OneWeb
  • A refreshed view on IoT developments relevant for my industry, combined with excellent networking in a nice setting
    Joost Vantomme, FEBIAC
  • The Space Forum, Connecting Space to Luxembourg
    Jean Yves Le Gall, CNES
  • I really enjoyed the event and met interesting people. Looking forward to next year's edition!
    Marc Bernegger, Serial Web Entrepreneur and Fintech Investor
  • ICT Spring is the premiere event in the region and beyond.  Accessible, qualified and relevant speakers and a diversity of audience that we welcome.
    Michael Jackson, Mangrove Capital Partners
  • J'ai découvert ce forum B2B en tant qu'intervenant, et j'ai pu en apprécier le professionnalisme sur la forme comme sur le fond. Les échanges furent fructueux et les présentations stimulantes. Le tout dans une ambiance décontractée en dépit du sérieux des thématiques et des démonstrations.
    Yannick Harrel, Auteur du livre Automobiles 3.0.