Speed Hackathon on Tomorrow’s Public Service Delivery

New information and communication technologies modify the way people interact. The same technologies provide the Government with novel ways to simplify processes, modernise administration and provide better service to its citizens or nationals living abroad. The Luxembourg Government is committed to implementing a digital transformation within the public sector and improve the way it involves and interacts with its citizens.

The importance of Teleworking resp. Remote Office has seen an increase over the recent years as it touches upon economic, societal and environmental issues. It is not only the recent “Rifkin” study, which highlighted them but also the expressed statements from the various stakeholders via the “VosIdées” toolbox of the Government.

Especially the apparent flexible worktimes and the high level of digitalisation enable new ways of working, allowing, among others, a better quality of life of the various actors in the Luxembourgish economy.

In order to design an approach closer to the stakeholder’s needs, the Government aims to include the latter actively in the devising of its administrative processes.

This “Speed-Hackathon” workshop[i] will enable the Government to gather an initial feedback on some potential methodologies as well as seeds of solutions for a specific issue. It will assemble in a creative environment civil service agents, business and citizen as well as political stakeholders together with the next generation.

This workshop extends the morning panel in the Digital Summit stream on May 15th. Which will address the need of future public organisations to be mission-oriented, innovation-led, long-term focused, decentralised, networked, and risk taking. Anticipating the transformation ahead could help public managers equip their institutions with the necessary capacities, skills, knowledge and structures.

Hence, student, civil service agent, business or citizen stakeholder, political related stakeholder or service provider you are invited to join us at this Speed Hackathon on May, 15th from 14h to 17h to design together Tomorrow’s Public Service!


Pre-registration is required.

[i] Hackathons typically start with one or more presentations about the event, as well as about the specific subject, if any. Then participants suggest ideas and work on then in teams. At the end of hackathons, there is usually a series of pitches in which each group presents their results.