Radu State

Radu State
  • Head of SEDAN (Service and Data Management in Distributed Systems) research group
  • Company: University of Luxembourg (SNT)

Radu State is a permanent researcher at INRIA (The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science), France, working on network and security management. He earned a doctorate degree (2001) from Henri-Poincar¿ University, Nancy, France; a master of science in engineering degree (1998) from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA; and a bachelor of science degree from the University of Bucharest, Romania.

He started his research activities in the field of computational biology at Johns Hopkins University, working on automatic gene parsing and protein identification methods. His PhD thesis addressed the issue of information modeling and network management in dynamic ad hoc networks. During his postdoctoral research fellowship with Motorola Labs, he addressed service and network management in next generation (beyond 3G) networks. During that period, he was involved in several European Union-sponsored research projects.

Once he joined INRIA, his research work became focused on security management, ad hoc networks, and voice/Internet protocol (IP) security and management. His research addresses three main questions: How can ad hoc networks be managed? How can the management plane be secured? Which security architecture for voice/IP networks will scale up to the new challenges of a global voice/IP service?

In addition to his research, State teaches a graduate-level course on network security at a computer science engineering school (ESIAL) in Nancy, France. He has published more than 40 papers on network and service management issues, and serves on the technical program boards of several international journals and conferences, including IFIP/IEEE Integrated Network Management Symposium, IFIP/IEEE Network Operation Management Symposium, and IFIP/IEEE Distributed System and Operation Workshop.

He is a reviewer for ACM Computing Reviews, where he reviews research papers and recently published books. In addition to his enthusiasm for computer science books, he is a passionate reader of South American and German literature. When he is at home, Radu and his wife Simona have fun with their newborn daughter, Anna, who seems particularly attracted to grasping and chewing her daddy’s books.