eSkills - From advanced education to HR Innovation

09:05am: Introduction


09:15am: Keynote by Hanns Koehler-Kruener, Managing VP of Gartner


09:40am: Keynote by OECD


10:05am: Round Table Introduction by Dan Kersch, Luxembourg Minister of State Administration and Administrative Reform


10:15am : Round Table with

  • • Sergio Coronado, Lead Coach, Luxembourg Tech School
  • • Francisco Garcia-Moran, Chief IT Advisor, European Commission
  • • Romain Martin, Professor, University of Luxembourg


10:45am: Coffee Break


11:00am: Ministry’s talk in the FinTech room by Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg Prime Minister


eSkills – Attracting the next generation of intrapreneurs


11:30am: Keynote by Jack Parsons, CEO, Big Youth Group


11:45am: Keynote by Ben Towers


12:00pm: Round Table


12:25pm: Startups Pitches with

  • • Jeremy Lamri, CEO & Co-Founder of Monkey Tie


12:30pm: Lunch Break

Artificial Intelligence

09:05am: Introduction by Gary Bolles, Chair for the Future of Work, Singularity University


09:20am: Keynote by ICT Luxembourg


09:35am: Keynote by Jean Rognetta, Editorial Director, Forbes France


09:50am: Keynote by Accenture


10:05am: Keynote by PwC


10:35am: Pitch Session with Cindy Spelt, CEO, Supermassive Black Hole


10:45am: Coffee Break


11:00am: Ministry’s talk in the FinTech room by Pierre Gramegna, Luxembourg Minister of Finance


11:30am: Keynote by Samar Singla, Founder, Jugnoo


11:45am: Keynote by Charbel Fakhry, AI & Data Scientist, MERITIS


12:00pm: Round Table with Women in AI


12:30pm: Lunch Break

Innovation in Payments

09:05am: Introduction by Charlene Lea, CEO, Home Loan Guarantee Company and Housing for HIV


09:20am: A bridge from Asia to Europe by Ning Wang, CEO Europe, PingPong


09:35am: Fireside chat with

  • • Laurent Nizri, Founder & General Manager of the Paris FinTech Forum
  • • Catherine Fournier, CEO, Natixis Payment


09:50am: PSD2 initiative by LuxHub


10:05am: PSD2 A new Hope ? with

  • • Jonathan Prince, Co-Founder, Finologee
  • • Patrice Fritsch , Executive Director, EY
  • • Ghela Boskovich, Head of FinTech & RegTech Partnerships, Rainmaking Innovation
  • • LuxHub


10:35am: Pitch Session – 10 Startups


10:45am: Coffee Break


11:00am: Ministry’s talk by Pierre Gramegna, Luxembourg Minister of Finance


11:20am: Return of the wallets ? with

  • • Joschka Friedag, CEO & Co-Founder, Cringle
  • • Damien Guermonprez, Chairman, LemonWay
  • • Ning Wang, Chief Business Officer, PingPong


11:50am: Attack of the cryptos ? with

  • • Paul Brody, Principal & Global Innovation Leader, BlockChain Technology, EY
  • • Jean-Louis Schiltz, Former cabinet minister, Schiltz & Schiltz
  • • Andy Bryant,COO, Bitflyer
  • • Marc P. Bernegger, Member of the Board, Crypto Finance Group
  • • Nejc Kodrič, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bitstamp,


12:30pm: Lunch Break

 How banking is shaping business with technology & strategic partnerships?

09:05am: Introduction by Nicolas Mackel, CEO, Luxembourg For Finance


09:20am: Keynote by Pascal Denis, Partner, Head of Advisory Services, Member of the Executive Committee, KPMG


09:35am: Keynote by Sira Ferradans, Chief Research Scientist, Fortia & Jean Devambez, Head of Digital and Acceleration, BNP Paribas Securities Services


09:50am: Create a digital bank in 6 weeks by Eric Mouilleron, CEO, Bankable


10:05am: Round Table “Woman in FinTech” with

  • • Ghela Boskovich, Head of Fintech and Regtech Partnerships, Startupbootcamp
  • • Adina Gregoriu, Founder & CEO of Active Asset Allocation


10:35am: Pitch session with Waldlust and Hops


10:45am: Coffee Break


11:00am: Ministry’s talk by Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg Prime Minister


11:30am: Keynote by Carlo Thelen, General Director of the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg


11:45am: API Banking trends with KPMG, Clearstream, Finologee and Keytrade


12: 15pm: Fireside Chat with

  • • Laurent Nizri, Founder & CEO, Paris Fintech Forum
  • • BPCE


12:30pm: Lunch Break

Earth observation - a new universe of data & opportunities

09:05am: Introduction


09:20am: Keynote by Stephen Coulson, Head of Industry Section, ESA


09:35am: Keynote by Andreas Veispak, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission


09:50am: Keynote by Corentin Guillo, Founder & CEO, Bird.i


10:05am: Keynote by Sylvain Arts, Business & Marketing Director, Earthlab


10:20am: Keynote by Maher Khoury, Senior Sales Director EMEA, DigitalGlobe


10:35am: Startups Insights


10:45am: Coffee Break


11:00am: Ministry’s talk in the FinTech room by Pierre Gramegna, Luxembourg Minister of Finance


11:30am: Keynote by Anthony Baker, Director & CEO, Global Satellite Vu


11:45am: Keynote by Valery Komissarov, Portfolio Manager, Skolkovo Foundation


12:00pm: Round Table


12:30pm: Lunch Break

New infrastructures and satellite data management: a data-driven economy

09:05am: Introduction by EY


09:15am: Keynote


09:35am: Keynote


09:50am: Keynote by Patrick Biewer, CEO, GovSat


10:05am: Keynote by Peter Platzer, Co-Founder & CEO, Spire


10:20am: Keynote by Accenture


10:35am: Pitches Session with Contec


10:45am: Coffee Break


11:00am: Ministry’s talk in the FinTech room by Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg Prime Minister


11:30am: Keynote by Rainer Horn, Managing Partner, SpaceTech Partners


11:45am: Keynote by Jean-Yves Le Gall, President of CNES


12:00pm: Round Table


12:30pm: Lunck Break

Lunch Break
How the New Digital Economy can improve your daily life

02:00pm: Smart Cities by the LIST


02:15pm: ICT Luxembourg Round Table : AI and the societal transformation with

  • • ALFI
  • • ABBL
  • • OPAL
  • • Fedil ICT
  • • FTL
  • • FDI
  • • APSI


02:45pm: Blockhain and the new digital economy by Stephane Tual, Former CCO Ethereum and Co-Founder, Atlas-Neue


03:00pm: How the New Digital Economy can improve your daily life with

  • • Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
  • • Fateh Amroune, Director/Founder, Kemada SAS
  • • Stephane Tual, Former CCO Ethereum and Co-Founder, Atlas-Neue


03:15pm: Pitch 10 startups


03:35pm: Coffee Break


03:55pm: Keynote


04:10pm: Keynote


04:25pm: Keynote


Identity, GDPR, Regtech same battle

02:00pm: Keynote by Bianca Lopes, FinTech Influencer


02:15pm: Keynote by Pascal Rogiest, CEO, Luxtrust


02:30pm: Keynote by Eliad Saporta, Managing Director, Coriunder


02:45pm: Keynote by Izhar Arieli, CEO,Scannovate


03:00pm: Keynote by GDPR and LIST


03:15pm: Keynote by Jean-Louis Schiltz, Attorney in private practice, Schiltz & Schiltz


03:30pm: Coffee Break


03:50pm: Startups Pitches with Village Capital


04:05pm: Fireside Chat with

  • • Nasir Zubairi, CEO, LHoFT
  • • Ramin Niroumand, Co-Founder & CEO, FinLeap


04:35pm: The (regulation) force awakens ? with LIST


Customer experience - new models of consumption

02:00pm: Keynote by Docler Holding


02:15pm: Keynote by Lor’n’tech


02:30pm: Keynote by Filip Nuytemans, General Manager for Western Europe and Central Eastern Europe of UBER Eats


02:45pm: Round Table with

  • • Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz, Managing Partner, Expon Capital
  • • Nicolas Princen, CEO, Glose
  • • Javier Juncadella, CEO, Nektria
  • • Axel Schmiegelow, CEO, itravel


03:30pm: Startups Insights


03:35pm: Coffee Break


03:55pm: Keynote by PwC


04:10pm: Keynote


04:25pm: Keynote


04:40pm: Round Table

 Innovation in Financial Services

02:00pm: Introduction by Hans van Grieken, Deloitte EMEA Technology Research & Insights Leader, Deloitte


02:15pm: Fireside Chat with

  • • Marie-Hélène Massard, CEO, AXA Wealth Europe & AXA Luxembourg
  • • Jonathan Prince, Co-Founder, Finologee


02:30pm: Keynote by One Life


02:50pm: Panel Discussion moderated by Ronan van Der Elst, Partner, Deloitte with

  • • Florian Graillot, Partner at
  • • Pepper Bank
  • • BIL


03:20pm: Fireside Chat with

  • • Pascal Bouvier, Managing Partner, Middle Game Ventures
  • • Ned Phillips, Founder & CEO, Bambu Life


03:35pm: Keynote by Christer Holloman,CEO and Co-founder, Divido


03:50pm: Keynote by Pascal Martino, Partner Advisory & Consulting – Banking Leader, Deloitte Luxembourg


04:00pm: Startup Insights with Anorak Life


04:10pm: Coffee Break


04:30pm: Pitch Your Startup

Disruptive technologies in space

02:00pm: Keynote by the Ministry of the Economy


02:15pm: Keynote by Jacques Breton, Commercial Director, Arianespace


02:30pm: Keynote by Rocket Lab


02:45pm: Space Ressources by the Luxembourg Tech School


03:00pm: Keynote by Mark Boggett, CEO, Seraphim Capital


03:15pm: Round Table with Skyward


03:35pm: Startups Insights with Rick Tumlinson, Founder, New World Institute


03:45pm: Coffee Break


03:55pm: Keynote by Andreas Dipperlhofer, Project Manager for Space Exploration Masters, AZO Space


04:05pm: Keynote by Fabrice Croiseaux, CEO, InTech


04:35pm: Keynote by Jean Daou, Professor at the National Graduate School of Chemistry in Mulhouse


04:50pm: Round Table


05:10pm: Networking Cocktail

Connectivity, IoT to shape mobility

02:00pm: Keynote by Jason Crusan, Director, Advanced Exploration Systems at the NASA


02:15pm: Keynote


02:30pm: Keynote by Omar Valdes, Market Development Officer, European GNSS Agency


02:45pm: Keynote by Kathrin Lenvain, Head of Competitions and Events at AZO Space


03:00pm: Keynote by Yasrine Ibnyahya, Principal, Advanced Concepts, Inmarsat


03:15pm: Round Table


03:35pm: Coffee Break


03:55pm: Keynote by Masao Fukushima, Engineering Director, Nissan Motor Co., LTD


04:10pm: Keynote


04:25pm: Keynote by Grant Anderson, President, CEO & Co-Founder, Paragon Space


04:40pm: Keynote by Ondrej Doule, Assistant Professor, Florida Institute of Technology


04:55pm: Startup Insights with PT Scientist and Skyward