New Access SA

New Access SA

Rue Eugène-Marziano, 25
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Fondation date : 2000

Staff : 201

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Created in 2000 New Access provides agile and scalable Front-to-Back software solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of the private banking and wealth management industries. Evolving in a complex and changing regulatory environment New Access’ solutions help bankers to connect conveniently and efficiently with their clients thanks to new digital channels. Clients expect greater transparency and availability: anywhere, anyhow, increasingly taking part in the investment decision process. Banks need to engage their customers along the process to offer them an enhanced customer experience via tailor made services and innovative solutions.
New Access solutions are intuitively built to respond to these specific clients’ needs. Thanks to our digital solutions, bankers and clients can interact smoothly and efficiently in a fully secured and cross-border regulatory compliant environment.


New Access’ offer covers the full client relationship lifecycle from account opening, through client data and document management to the management of their portfolios. This includes: Onboarding and Client Relationship Management (CRM), secure Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) with LOGICAL ACCESS®, Portfolio and Order Management (PMS/OMS) with EQUALIZER®, Client Data Management with CIM and a comprehensive Core Banking solution with APSYS.


BANKER’S FRONT, New Access’ Front-End platform manages the complete lifecycle of the client services, from prospection, to onboarding, modification, review, and ongoing activities. The management of the client relationship is done through a simple and efficient user interface, taking into account the specificities of banking. BANKER’S FRONT integrates in one 360° view all information linked to the client including: onboarding processes, documents, portfolios, and client data. Banker’s Front, designed by New Access, is the one and only portal, enabling a more efficient and enjoyable banker/client interaction.


New Access provides professional and personalized Managed Services, which involves operating or running information technology systems as well as application management services for its clients.
With headquarters in Geneva, New Access already installed its solutions in over 180 sites in 19 countries.


Vitus Rotzer, Chief Executive Officer:

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