Lux Future Lab

Lux Future Lab

59, Boulevard Royal

  +352 42423877

Fondation date : 04/10/2012

Staff : 3

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Lux Future Lab, Luxembourg City’s first startup incubator, fosters innovation, relationships and growth. Since its creation, Lux Future Lab stands for a Community of Doers, an Incubator and an Academy. It´s vision is to be the place where entrepreneurs, talents, funding, private & public actors and a whole ecosystem of innovation collide. It´s task is to provide the ideal framework to turn ideas into success stories. By promoting the Intrapreneurship program, the Start Me Up and the Summer School Programs, Lux Future Lab motivates employees and youth to unleash their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and learn, share and eventually grow, in a friendly environment. Lux Future Lab believes that entrepreneurial efforts should be encouraged in order to succesfully enpower Luxembourg´s innovation ecosystem. Powered by BGL BNP Paribas, Lux Future Lab has a powerful network that can make all the difference for the startups. As part of Lux Future Lab, members benefit from the international scope of the BNP Paribas innovation & startup network and they have the unique opportunity to connect with a family of experienced entrepreneurs, the highly successful Alumni. Lux Future Lab connects its members to its service partners who provide relevant services that cover the areas of tax, corporate finance, human resources, intellectual property management and marketing. Luxembourg defines itself as a Startup Nation. Lux Future Lab has unparallel access to its partners such as Luxinnovation, House of Entrepreneurship, Chamber of Commerce, Luxfuture Fund, Digital Luxembourg etc. that all share the same vision: to establish a strong and successful Open Innovation Ecosystem. Our partners share our values of entrepreneurship and economic growth, going above and beyond to help Luxembourg’s startups succeed.


Olivier Selis, CEO:

Isabelle Waty, Growth Hacker:

Sofia Mavrikiou, Intern: