70 Val Sainte Croix
1370 Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg



Fondation date : 2005

Staff : 40

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INTENSUM is an independent European consulting agency founded in 2005. Our objective is to align business & IT through a unique service offering combining Senior SAP & SAS competencies and solid business expertise. Since more than 10 years, INTENSUM’s objective is to make a difference : A difference in quality & service, a different approach in managing projects and a difference in Return On Investment.

We deliver first-class implementation skills, focusing on the optimization of the Financial Supply Chain & Treasury processes, Business reporting & Planning, Enterprise Performance Management, Business Analytics and process improvement through innovative solutions. We are reseller of SAS Visual Analytics and SAP Value Added Reseller for large enterprises.

Our strength is the combination of business expertise and senior competencies in the following areas:


Optimization of your Financial Supply Chain Management (Simple Finance, Financial templates, Cash & Liquidity Management, Treasury & Risk Management, In House Banking, Payment Factory, Credit Management, Dispute & Collection Management, Financial Closing,…)


Business Analytics, Reporting & Planning applications using SAP Business Warehouse and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence solutions (Data warehousing, Dashboarding, Mobile BI, …), Data Exploration and visualization with SAP Lumira and SAS Visual Analytics, Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) & SAP HANA


Process improvement through innovative solutions, system integration, Web applications & Portal like Dealing Platforms, eBusiness (using SAP NetWeaver, SAP HANA, Process Integration,…)


Laurent De Buyser, Managing Director:

Micheal Diet, Director: