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Fondation date : 2013

Staff : 29

Stand ICT Spring : B16

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We offer omni-channel and agnostic payment solutions !
EMPcorp is an ambitious FinTech startup with a broad experience in finance, that combines innovative payment solutions all user experience oriented, such as processing platform and a program manager via prepaid card. The core business is based on e-wallet and e-money. Our target are e-merchants looking for a bespoke solution.


Dream about future payment solutions !
Since its creation we have the common will to push EMPcorp as pioneer and visionary in the payment field. EMPcorp team always want to keep one step ahead of competitors and remain at the forefront of innovation.All have the great satisfaction and pride to have imagined, developed, and designed innovative payment solutions.


Epro : Epro is a customisable payment solution aimed specifically at e-merchants and designed to enable them to improve conversion rates and increase turnover. Thanks to our simple API, plugins and technical support, integration is made easy. Enabling you to make optimum use of both your own time and that of your developers!


POS : All card programmes are completely customisable. Each partners requirements will be adapted and incorporated into a specific package designed to both meet the needs of a particular line of business and conform to the security requirements in force in the payments market. With POS create a payment method with your own image branding !


2018, the year of renewal!
EMPcorp Team is working on a new E-wallet concept, more customer oriented.


EMPcorp main goal is to remain at the forefront of innovation. All our employees are constantly searching for technologies to help our clients improve their experience during a payment process. That’s why our strap is ‘POWER to process’.


Marine Kieffer, Marketing & Communication Officer: marine.kieffer@empcorp.com

Olivier Azzopardi, Business Unit Manager: olivier.azzopardi@empcorp.com