Digital Luxembourg

Digital Luxembourg

5 rue Large
L-1917 Luxembourg


Fondation date : 2014

Stand ICT Spring : G1

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Digital Luxembourg is both a uniting force behind Luxembourg’s digitalization movement and its biggest ally. Inclusive, multidisciplinary and fluid, we are a collaborative government initiative that strengthens and guides the country’s digital efforts. Digitalization is inevitable. Let’s keep it positive, smart and human.
Building innovation from every angle
Most days, we are builders, building relationships, solutions, teams, skills, infrastructure and momentum. Digitalization touches every aspect of life, so our priorities do too. We watch and listen, then identify and act. Our style meshes big-picture awareness with a just-do-it attitude. Whether writing data regulations, simplifying procedures or triggering conversations, Digital Luxembourg keeps innovation moving. We never forget why we’re here – nope, not to develop fun technology: to improve lives.
Transformation is the aim. Digitalization is the avenue.
Can you feel it? Luxembourg is alive with innovation and the momentum is building. With a broad understanding and a multidisciplinary team, we work with our community to keep it that way. Here, the value of innovation is measured by the number of opportunities created. From a human-centric perspective, Digital Luxembourg identifies and supports efforts that positively impact the country. Digitalization and new technologies are everywhere, shaping how we live. For countries, they bring novel opportunities that trickle down to society. Launched in 2014, Digital Luxembourg is the result of the government’s commitment to thriving in this modern landscape. Under the Digital Luxembourg umbrella, private and public ventures find their place in the nation’s digital strategy. Each one fills a gap, allowing us to rise together.
Organic beginnings, collaborative growth
Digital Luxembourg’s efforts leave a trail of tangible results. Born organically from the public and private sectors, each initiative helps shape an environment where digitalization can flourish. We stay flexible and collaborative in order to best identify and address the country’s digital needs. Pool the nation’s expertise and Luxembourg is unstoppable. We see this every time we bring relevant public, private and academic professionals together around one table.


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